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  1. Making friends on Mastodon

    Now that you've got an account on social.putz.space and know how to use Mastodon, the only thing left is finding people. More than just following people though, the Fediverse offers a cool space to meet people you wouldn't meet elsewhere. Let's learn how to make friends and follow people!

  2. Introduction to Mastodon

    I decided to create a quick start guide for people to reference that's visually focused. I didn't find any guides that I particularly liked for onboarding a complete beginner, so I made my own. Feel free to share this as you please!

  3. An invitation to social.putz.space

    I finally decided to set up a mastodon server to host social media for me and my friends! This is an invitation to folks to join. I've sent it to people directly as a way to ask if they're interested, but if you happen to stumble across this on accident feel free to read it over. Register if it makes you interested!

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