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  1. Whats On My Screen?

    Direct link SoundCloud

    Jammed with a good buddy and came up with this. He was on the drums, I did synth and vocals. Just lettin' it out man. What's going on in this fucked up crazy world?

    Link to the …

  2. Groove Masta Putz - Morning Rise

    Futuristic Society Towerimg source

    Direct link SoundCloud Newgrounds

    Woke up this morning and decided go on a musical journey until I came up with this demo. Could expand later, but in the meantime let this take you on a journey through …

  3. True Delusions - Song for Judee Sill and Other Songs

    Embedded for your listening pleasure as you read this review. Link below if it doesn't work.

    In the course of asking people what they'd like to see on the blog, Justin Haze of True Delusions reached out asking if I …

  4. Groove Masta Putz - Forward

    Casio CTK-720

    Direct link

    New beat! This one is a little old, but since I haven't had an outlet to post music to I haven't really put it out there. It's called "Forward", because that's what I was feeling in my …

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