Below you'll find the music I've worked on over the years! All music is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0. Basically that means just let me know if you use it and I'll throw it in here!

Groove Masta Putz


All demos are uploaded under #demo. The good ones will hopefully make it in the selection below someday.

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2020 - Remnants 2018 - Groove Masta Putz 2015 - Electronic Poetry 2014 - [WOLFANA DIRTY BOOTLEG] 2014 - Dope Beets 2013 - Week by Week Vol. 2 2013 - Escape EP 2013 - A Brand New Hip


2018 - 90'STALGIA & Groove Masta Putz

Where my music is

These are projects or random videos using my music that I've found. Feel free to add to this list ;)