1. Happy birthday to me!

    I decided to do an open reflection for my 25th birthday. It's definitely weird being an adult, but I'm hoping to get back into music and find time for exciting new stuff. Mostly I just wanted to let people who haven't heard from me in a while know how things are going. Hope you're doing well!

  2. Ways to replace Facebook

    A friend on my feed recently shared a story about a day in the life of a Facebook moderator, which unsurprisingly isn't a great time. After reading it they were asking themself if they could genuinely leave Facebook. That inspired me to ask the question on my feed "What keeps you on Facebook?", hoping that I could write about my experience leaving and what I did to replace the things that kept me there. Enjoy!

  3. How I keep it together

    A while back in college I decided to start keeping a daily log and to-do list. That sparked a few routines that I started to use to keep my life together. I figured some people might find it helpful if I reflected on that journey and how I started adulting. So yeah, enjoy!

  4. Groove Masta Putz - Morning Rise

    Futuristic Society Towerimg source

    Direct link SoundCloud Newgrounds

    Woke up this morning and decided go on a musical journey until I came up with this demo. Could expand later, but in the meantime let this take you on a journey through …

  5. How I learned DIY auto repair

    Ever since dealing with a crap car, it became clear I needed to learn more about cars. So here's how I did that! I focused on the process because there's already plenty of resources out there for specific repairs. I felt it would be helpful to look at how I prepared to do rust removal on my car as an example to share. Enjoy!

  6. True Delusions - Song for Judee Sill and Other Songs

    Embedded for your listening pleasure as you read this review. Link below if it doesn't work.

    In the course of asking people what they'd like to see on the blog, Justin Haze of True Delusions reached out asking if I …

  7. Groove Masta Putz - Forward

    Casio CTK-720

    Direct link

    New beat! This one is a little old, but since I haven't had an outlet to post music to I haven't really put it out there. It's called "Forward", because that's what I was feeling in my …

  8. Returning to Facebook

    I'm curious who out there were placing bets on when I'd be back on facebook lol. Well, I made a pretty big stink when I left, so I wrote up a blog post to explain why I'm back because I'm sure everyone is as shocked as I am (or not lol). I was on Mastodon and Reddit, but nobody I know really uses them so I figured I'd come back. Most of you are on here and the people is what makes social media meaningful. So what up what up yo.

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