Update: projects, life and 2020

I haven't been very active this year on my blog because frankly it's been a shit show. You know.

Mostly nothing personal, just living with the shared trauma of the collective pain we're all going through. I haven't had the energy to put into creative things, because most days I don't believe it's worth it. There are days that I do though. Lately I've been having more interest in revisiting those creative endeavours and thinking about how to use this space.

If you saw my last post about where my music is on the internet then you'll know that a lot of people actually have used my music for different videos & projects. This has inspired me to look at putting out the music sitting in my collection that I haven't published yet. There's a few gems I think people could find good use for so look out for that. I also decided to upload Groove Masta Putz, the album I released in 2018, on Jamendo so that others could start using it for their projects as well.

I'll keep people posted on when the new album should be out. Tentatively I'm naming the ablum "Our Music", since it's meant to be part of the Creative Commons and free to use how you will.

The other thing I've really been getting into is Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newest one that came out is pretty dope. It makes me hope that there is secretly a future where I'm not locked up in a prison for my political leanings so that I can learn how to fly someday. Hell maybe that'll be useful for fleeing the country when the time comes! We shall see.

Anyway, I might do some virtual tours of places that I have fond memories of. I might also decide to fly around places that I've never been to before, since it's actually pretty good travel simulator during this whole pandemic. There's just something therapeutic about it and I want to share that.

Oh, also while we're on the pandemic: wear a fucking mask you god damn babies. I shaved my beard & wore an N95 mask kicking turkeys in a stinky ass barn that was hot as fuck for 14 hours straight in the summer of 2016. I also wear a less restrictive mask for 8 hours straight at my current job in much nicer conditions. Both instances I survived and continue to do so. You have no fucking excuse to ignore the simple science that COVID-19 spreads by aerosolized droplets, so wear a fucking mask you god damn lazy babies. Delete your Facebook because it's tainting your brain. Just admit it's uncomfortable, you don't need to justify it with fake ass bullshit. Then get over it and wear one so my parents don't die of your stupidity.

CHRIST! If that offends you then you're softer than a puppy covered in snowflakes. Rant over.

That's where I'm at. I haven't updated this space for a while, but these days I wonder about how many people I won't get the chance to see again in person before I'm sniped by some Nazi LARPer who thinks that cops are actually good people and can't handle black people demanding that they don't get shot for existing. Just thought I should communicate with the world while I'm still alive for however long that may be, since I guess we're (correction: the cops & the alt-right) just shooting people we don't like now.

Hope you're well. I'm not, but let's do this thing anyway. Might as well make some art in the meantime.