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If you haven't heard yet, I've joined a new social media platform called Mastodon. It's one of many platforms on "The Fediverse", where a bunch of different social media platforms co-exist.

Long story short, I'm inviting people to join me!

If you don't feel like reading, here's the link: If you want to know more before checking it out, then see below.

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Why join?

Social media these days is creepy, and at worst downright harmful. Platforms like Facebook & Instagram spy on you to sell you products, ideas and even just memes. They jumble it all together on a mysterious feed that you don't control then it selectively shows content from friends at random (often just sharing the same ads) to keep you coming back so it actually has any meaning.

In short, it's hard to actually connect with people. It's like being in a bar so noisy that you can barely think over the ads to buy beer blaring over the speakers.

The Fediverse is seeking to change that. It allows you to build an online community that's better connected. It allows that community to run things how it wants while still being connected to other servers and platforms doing the exact same thing so it's still global.

I'm inviting you to come build that community.

Building a community

I use the word build on purpose, because it's going to take some effort to make this happen. If I just shared this without reaching out directly, you'd probably miss it or scroll passed. Facebook has gone to great lengths to build a particular kind of community, one that collectively consumes information for sale. It's not an accident that it operates the way it does.

To build an alternative also means doing it on purpose then, but it's worth the effort. On one hand, I want to connect with friends and see how y'all are doing without it getting lost in Facebook's manipulative bullshit. You don't have to be political, think a certain way or have any goals in mind. This is not a hivemind. You can share memes, jokes, posts about your day or whatever game/movie you're checking out right now.

Use this space how you like! That's an important part of what I mean by building and fostering a community.

Just as importantly though, I see this as a way to stay connected to people I know who care about the world. Because of resource limitations, and also to maintain a cohesive community, I've reached out selectively to some close friends that I think would be interested in this project to start.

You should feel free to invite others too! I trust your judgement. I think you're all really cool people that are worth staying in touch with. If it gets too big though we might have to talk about upgrading resources or bring on people to help moderate lol.

What I'm trying to say though is that in order to deal with the bullshit that the world is going through right now, it's also good to have this space to talk to one another without all the distractions and censorship. Not only is community important, but so is how it's built.

You don't even have to leave Facebook either if you don't want to. That's the beauty of this, it's not exclusive. It's just a quieter place where you can still be social without wading through a toxic swamp.

How do I join

Ready to dive in? It's simple! Just sign up for an account at Choose your name then let me know either why you're joining or just who you are if I know you. Once registered, I'll approve your account when I get the email notification.

Since I have limited space I'm sticking to either approving friends or friends of friends. As we grow, things may start to get slower, in which case I'll have to upgrade my hosting plan. Don't let that stop you from joining though, I'm just putting out a warning in case you see sign-ups are closed at some point or any technical difficulties.

If you're joining, then take some time to read the information below to get familiar with the platform! Others have written at length too about Mastodon, so you can google something if it's not here. There are apps for every device you can think of too, so if you don't like using a web browser check out the apps.

F.A.Q: How does it work?

There are technically other servers where you can sign up, but I've opened up my own server with the purpose of connecting people I know. Think of it as being in my living room or out on the porch chillin'.

If you want to get a better understanding of how to use the actual platform itself, I recommend reading this blog post that I've made since initially sending out this invitation.