Returning to Facebook

Facebook banner

So after a long break from Facebook I'm finally back again to the shock of everyone lol.

When I originally deleted Facebook (the first time), I got a bunch of friend's email addresses hoping to stay in touch directly. However, that never happened because quite frankly there's just too many people to stay in touch with and not enough time.

But I also just needed some time to focus on myself. I was addicted to the notifications that kept me in a loop of constantly rechecking, without thinking, any time I was remotely bored and needed something to keep me busy. I would immediately type out "" into my browser and it would suck up a lot of valuable free time without actually feeling connected to people. So I got rid of it. I opened and deleted a Facebook account here or there a few more times.

Last time, I decided to reopen it for promoting my music, but really just used that to talk about politics all the time. I also became increasingly concerned with how it spies on us and the implications that will have politically in the future, but now that everything spies on us all the time it feels like a moot point. As an ironic joke ask an Alexa, Siri or Google "What is 1984 by George Orwell?" then record it and share its response, just curious what it says lol.

Either way, leaving was good for me because it allowed me the space to focus on myself. I focused more on my to-do list, journaling and setting personal goals that I would look at when I was bored instead of Facebook. I recommend this to anyone who feels like they're in a rut and I might write something up in a future blog post about my own personal methods of doing this. It has allowed me to control myself better and has given me mental tools to stay focused.

That was good for a time, but lately I've started to feel the alienation that comes with being disconnected from so many people I used to talk to. The community-based alternatives on the fediverse like Mastodon are cool and show what's possible for social media in the future, but nobody I know is on them yet so they're a bit lonely.

I'm back because, well frankly, I miss you guys and seeing where you're at in life. Now that I'm an adult, life is a lot busier and I'm sure many of you can relate. Lots of old friends I used to be in touch with are off on adventures in different parts of the world, or paying bills and adulting with actual children that y'all are now raising. Crazy stuff!

What finally pushed me over the edge to hop back on Facebook though was: on reddit I saw a comment thread on one of the many articles regarding Trump's plan to drop off immigrants into sanctuary cities as... a punishment to the Democrats I guess? I mean shit, those families would happily leave the cages they're in and most people in the comments wanted to welcome them to their community anyway. That's a reflection of the moment we live in. Where it seems like things are so goddamn bad, but actually the potential to make it better is bustling beneath the seams ready to explode because people know things should be better than this.

What we need right now is community that can support one another in the face of being torn apart by whatever storm society is going through. So I wanted to reconnect with mine.


P.S: I started my own website again, which you're on right now. More on that here: Hello World!