Putz social post-mortem

A few months ago I opened up a Mastodon server for my friends to see if I could build a community of people I know on healthier social media. Obviously by reading the title you know that failed. Unsurprisingly, I am not the basis for a community.

To those who were on, I thought it would be open longer so you could migrate your account elsewhere but canceling the automatic PayPal subscription seems to have killed the server right away. Sorry about that. Most people didn't have a whole lot to transfer anyway, but if you lost your follows list and actually cared about it, I'm sorry.

After a certain point I had to accept that it's not worth $210 a year to make posts on Mastodon by myself. There are bigger servers where I can sign-up for free. If you want to sign-up elsewhere you can find other servers at Join Mastodon.

On Reddit yesterday I saw a comment about how as you grow up people just move on and a lot of the friends you had go elsewhere. While scrolling through my Mastodon feed of nobody who I knew in real life, it became painfully obvious it was true. Even in my daily life it's true.

I was holding on to the past, reaching out to a lot of people I'll never see again.

I thought by opening up putz social and inviting people at the community level all at once to join that maybe it would have the inertia to grow.

It didn't.

Slowly, I started to accept that this community building project was yet another failure as the days went on without anyone other than myself posting on the local timeline. Occassionally others would but not much, certainly not for months now.

It finally clicked that it's time to move on yesterday in the afternoon, quite suddenly to be honest.

So if you want to follow my new account I'm at weirder.earth.

Putz social is dead and now you know why. There are plenty of other servers though, so if you want a healthier social media environmemt that doesn't spy on you for advertisers, check out another server.