Making friends on Mastodon

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Ready to post but no one to listen...

You've finally made an account on and read my quick intro. The only thing left now is to make friends! Even if you don't necessarily want to make friends, this guide should help you find people to follow other than me.

I reached out to the Fediverse to ask people how they make friends. After reading what people had to say I've identified three key things you can do:

Introduce yourself

Start by introducing yourself. You should use the #introductions hashtag with a brief description of your interests (particularly the ones you'd like to post about). Use a # to tag words and make them searchable so that people can easily see what you're interested in.

Make it fun! This isn't work and it's not a dating app. Just be yoursef and own it. Odds are it'll fly right by on the Federated timeline anyway as a blip in the many toots of Mastodon history. No reason to be scared.

Plus it's a great way to connect with people on the Local timeline. On mine it's probably people you already know, but even if you're on a different instance there are people eager to see who else is on the same server.

Note: in order to post to the timeline your posts have to be set to public.

me introducing myself on Mastodon

Follow people

On the Local or Federated timelines if you notice anyone who has interesting stuff to say, goofy shitposts or whatever draws your attention, check out their profile by clicking on their name. If you like their style then give 'em a follow! They might even follow you back.

If you follow someone active then you'll probably find more people to follow too, because you'll see who they're chatting with and boosting.

You can search by hashtag too. That way you can find posts lost to the sands of time without losing the people who post them. There's also a way to add featured hashtags to your account that will make it easier to find the stuff you're talking about on your public profile page for others.

Lastly, you could always try the profile directory. It's optional though so not everyone is on it. If you want to be on it then enable the option in your profile preferences. To see the directory click on the menu button or just type the base url of the instance ( in my case) and at /explore at the end.

profile directory option

Be active

While it may seem awkward or make you nervous at first, you should just post! At least on putz social, you should feel like you're in a space where you can be genuine with who you are. You should post to your heart's content as long as that doesn't interfere with someone elses ability to do the same.

Since Mastodon doesn't have all the recommendations that Facebook or Twitter does for friends, memes, ideas, etc constantly in your face you have to actually post to be seen. Otherwise nobody will ever find you. Which is fine if that's what you want, but if you want to meet people then you've gotta post.

Interacting with people on the Fediverse is welcome. If you have a comment that will help someone's problem, brighten someone's day or if you've got something to say, then post it. Of course, favoriting and boosting are great ways to show appreciation and share good content with friends too. But only people who are following you can see your boosts.

Over time the more you interact with people, hopefully the more they'll feel like friends.

If you need examples, here's one time when I complimented someone's avatar. Afterwards we started following each other!

complimenting someone's avatar


Post here if you've got comments or questions!