Hello Neighbors!

Hello neighbors!

If you saw a flyer on your door and noticed the putz.space URL in the email that you saw, then you've found my blog!

Long story short, times are weird. There's pandemic going on and society is shutting down. It's a bit scary to be honest. That means some people might need help financially. People might need help getting their groceries. Others might be willing to help people in their time of need with free food or a helping hand. Others yet maybe just want to get connected with their neighbors in these alienating times.

If you respond to my flyer I'll be connecting you to others in the community who also feel the need for that. I'll connect you to the email list and group chat where we can stay in touch. Feel free to join the facebook group for the whole neighborhood extending even beyond our block, Whittier Cares. We're not the only block getting connected, others are as well across the metro!

That's it really. I'm just trying to build the connections we'll need to take care of one another and get through this. If that sounds appealing to you then feel free to contact me.