Happy birthday to me!

derpy birthday cake

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Welp, I'm an adult now

Well shit, it's officially my birthday. I had a good time celebrating with family and friends over the weekend, because work and stuff, but I wanted to take some time to write to folks on such a monumentous birthday as my 25th.

The first thing that's striking though is how mundane today, my actual birthday, feels. Of course, the older you get the more birthdays you've had and the less special they feel. But it's an odd feeling the older I get.

Staying in touch is hard

If I haven't done a great job of staying in touch, it's not because I don't want to. As I'm sure you understand, life can take you in different directions than the people you care about because shit just gets busy. Working full time doesn't leave you with a whole lot of room for much else!

However, I recently moved to a more central location actually inside the city I live in, so maybe some of that will change. If you're near by you can come visit! Feel free to get in touch. I'll be trying to do the same in the coming months (hopefully).

I haven't forgotten about music!

Besides friends, it's been interesting to see how the shift into adulthood has impacted my hobbies as well. I used to be much more active with my music. My identity was heavily wrapped up in being Groove Masta Putz. It still is of course (admittedly less so though), but lately I've barely had time to even listen to music, let alone make it. So I've been struggling to put anything out.

However I still find inspiration here and there for music ideas, so I intend to get back to it once I'm 100% moved into my new place and have the studio set up. I even have a room to dedicate as an actual studio now, so that should help. I'm hoping to upgrade my equipment too now that I'm slightly more financially stable lol. If you're really out of the loop you can see my latest music on the music section by the way.

Where to go from here?

I'm still exploring how I want to use this website. Finding time to be creative has been challenging. I still have design issues to fix and features to add, but I suppose I'll get to it eventually.

Creative writing would be fun, writing more tutorials or who knows what. I've been having intrusive thoughts of story telling here and there, so maybe I'll actually act on it. Surprisingly, some blog posts have been relevant in actual conversations I've had so that's pretty cool too! Either way, expect more as I get settled.

There's a lot I'd like to say to the folks I haven't seen in a while, but mostly I hope you're all doing well. I genuinely miss quite a few people, but you're all out there doin' it big so I'm happy for you.

Personally I'm at a fairly good spot in my life right now, even though for many I know times are tough. Hopefully you're doing well, because in spite of how crazy the world is right now I'm actually looking forward to what the future holds.

Until next time,