Another World Is Possible

We've got a few choices
now that we're in full blown crisis.
For most of us alive
We've never seen something like this.

We can mobilize quick
to fight for the changes we need
with the opening now
before we really start to bleed.

Or we eat it again
for a crisis the rich started
Like it's two thousand eight
and our wealth's gone to the market.

Liberal wisdom says
that progress is slow, but really
that's just bullshit they say
to justify the status quo.

We've hit a brick wall at
a hundred plus miles per hour.
We needed to change course
well before this time was borrowed.

Opportunity shines
beneath the cracks on the surface.
While despair eats our soul,
fear must be turned into courage.

The power we have to
stop the whole world dead in it's tracks
can be put to great use
building more sustainable paths.

Free food libraries that
also house books are proof of the
solidarity that
has sprout while the elite are shook.

Imagine what more we
could do with our untapped power,
instead of oil bailouts
that will drown us by tomorrow.

Cancel student loan debt,
fund medicare for all then we
should keep going from there
to tear down that stupid ass wall.

Clerks, nurses, doctors and
drivers all got power, combined
with the rest of us we
could knock down trump off his tower.

That's only the start of
the things we could truly acheive.
Emergency relief,
then safety nets permanently.

Why work for cash when we
could work for ourselves to fulfill
our desires inside
that we surpress for others' wealth?

We are unstoppable!
Another world is possible!
We are unstoppable!
Another world is possible!